About Doris Daniely Outreach

The Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction was created to generate financial and educational resources related to breast reconstruction following a diagnosis of breast cancer. We provide financial assistance to women in the North Texas area and educate the community regarding breast reconstruction. Women who have experienced breast cancer, as well as family and friends, make up our support network.

We are a publicly supported corporation exclusively for charitable purposes. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, all donations are tax deductible. All aspects of our work are performed by our volunteer board and other supporters.

Amy | Personal Story about Doris Daniely Outreach’s Services

“Faced with a cancer diagnosis and no medical insurance…came the reality…How am I going to afford this? It will devastate our family. The hospital told us that without insurance my cancer treatment would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was told about the Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction which was created for women just like me. Their purpose is to educate women about reconstruction and relieve the financial burden. This was an answer to my prayers. Because of their foresight and understanding, they have provided me the ability to once gain have confidence and self-esteem. I thank God every day for their vision.”

Complete healing following mastectomy requires breast reconstruction for many women. At the age of 37 I was one of those women. I was facing the loss of both breasts and was fortunate to have had the option of breast reconstruction. I was also fortunate to have the needed financial and education resources. For me it was a quality of life and emotional issue and I couldn’t imagine not having that opportunity. However, I realized that there are many breast cancer patients who face the same medical situation but do not have access to the same resources. I had such a positive experience and outcome following my reconstruction that I wanted to be sure that every woman who was a candidate medically had the same opportunity for the complete healing that can come with breast reconstruction.

Cindy, Former Patient and Board Member

A look back at the 2015 Afternoon Tea at the Dallas Arboretum

Doris Daniely Outreach Tea
Doris Daniely Outreach Tea
Doris Daniely Outreach Tea
Doris Daniely Outreach Tea
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In Memoriam | Doris Daniely, 1926-1990

“As an office manager in a plastic surgeon’s office, my days were spent working with patients diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother, Doris Daniely, died of breast cancer in 1990. For unknown reasons, she chose not to seek timely medical treatment, nor did she confide in anyone. This organization was formed in her memory. It is my prayer that no other woman or family will have this experience” (Carol Daniely Autry).

Doris Daniely Headshot

How Your Contributions Make a Big Difference

Rising medical costs are a major concern for consumers, and many uninsured and low income women find themselves without sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of their reconstruction.

This outreach is managed and supported entirely by volunteers who donate their time and resources to help these medically underserved women.

Each candidate is carefully screened to determine their qualifications for our assistance. In addition to financing approved cases, we work to reduce the costs, through a network of medical professionals, paraprofessionals and services, allowing us to help more women.

Each case is unique and financial results vary. Your contributions can help toward all or part of the following procedures:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Operating facilities
  • Anesthesiology
  • Breast aesthetics

Past Fundraising Events

21 Feb 15
2015 Afternoon Tea

2015 Afternoon Tea

The Rosine Hall at the Dallas Arboretum was packed with the friends and sponsors of the Doris Daniely Outreach for the 2015 Annual Tea. Cheryl Nason was the Emcee of…

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